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Our Mission


To promote the health and wellness industry throughout Malaysia and across the Southeast Asian region.


To be globally recognised as a leading health, wellness, body and beauty therapy training academy.


To educate upon holistic and cultural differences between Asian and Western Spa Therapies.


To provide outstanding knowledge, product services and diversity in our course offerings.


To invest in quality, expertise, facilities and excellence in spa therapy and education.


To enable our alumni network guaranteed employment within the spa industry.

Available Spas

Jari Jari Spa Training Academy

The Jari Jari Spa Training Academy was founded in January 2012 of where the program focusses on the education of Spa Therapy. An international accredited spa training establishment, Jari Jari Spa Training Academy upholds the commitment to excellence, maintaining a high standard of training that helps graduates develop successful and fulfilling careers in the spa industry.

If your aim is to be a Professional Spa Therapist, choose Jari Jari Spa Training Academy. We are dedicated to ensuring you master all the skills required to be the most dynamic Spa Therapist on entering into the spa industry. Employers worldwide seek our graduates.

Our standards of excellence and high profile are renowned through out the industry. Our graduates enter this exciting industry with the knowledge, skills and confidence that they have been trained by the best training provider of the industry. A position in the industry is guaranteed when you join Jari Jari Spa Training Academy.

Our Responsibilities

We take responsibility in educating and training Sabahan youths to become competent & qualified spa therapists, in order to build a livelihood in our developing nation.

We assist the government by increasing the nation’s skilled human capital to cater the increasing demand in the health and wellness industry, thus reducing the unemployment rate  through our employment-guaranteed spa therapy program.

  • International professional spa massage and education that follow International Health & Safety Standards.

  • Small group learning with personal tuition in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

  • Affordable courses from novice to advance level.

  • Corporate training sessions, seminars and coaching.

  • A relaxed and fully-equipped spa training academy.

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